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Enjoy increased flexibility and get the performance you need with SSD Storage.
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Business VPS
Blazing fast Business VPS without the admin
£22.99 /month
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  • CPU
    1 Core
  • RAM
    2GB Memory
  • DISK
    60GB Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered traffic
Self Managed VPS
Best value-for-money Self-Managed Cloud VPS
£6.99 /month
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  • CPU
    1 Core
  • RAM
    2GB Memory
  • DISK
    60GB Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered traffic
Managed VPS
Speed and power of a VPS without the admin
£80.99 /month
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  • CPU
    1 Core
  • RAM
    2GB Memory
  • DISK
    40GB Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered traffic

Fully scalable to grow with you

Our 4th generation VPS platform is built using industry-leading hardware and software with 100% SSD drives on OpenStack for best performance. and praising pain was born and I will.

With plan options up to 8 CPU and 32 GB RAM and unlimited traffic, BestKnownHost VPS hosting can efficiently run all of your resource intensive applications with ease.


Instant provisioning

To support faster speed regionally, we offer data centers located around the globe; at setup, you can choose a server location from US, APAC or EMEA.

If you want to start off small and add more resources as your clients’ needs grow, you can easily add more RAM and/or upgrade your CPU with a few clicks within the BestKnownHost VPS Hosting dashboard.


Redundant infrastructure

Whatever the size of your project, we have a broad choice of server configurations to handle just about any job. You get full control with root access to customize your server to your exact specifications.

BestKnownHost has well-established NOC and SOC teams and security protocols to provide 24/7 network monitoring and protection against the dreaded DDoS attack. BestKnownHost VPS Hosting platform uses KVM virtualization to offer enhanced security through VM isolation and access control. And, for unmanaged server configurations that can’t take advantage of the SSL features that come with control panels like cPanel/WHM and Plesk, we include a free GoDaddy SSL certificate to establish secure data transfer.

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VPS Server Technical Specifications

Total control with full root access and optional control panels. Backups with uptime and performance monitoring. Unlimited traffic – 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

CentOS 6/7, Ubuntu 16v
SSD Storage cPanel
Fedora 23, Debian 8
Tier IV Data Center Plesk Onyx
Private Network Juniper Networks WHMCS
Quick VNC access DDos mitigation SAN storage
All SpecsAll SpecsAll Specs

Custom Your Simplified VPS Server

Ready to launch your business to the stratosphere (and beyond).

CPU ---

RAM ---

Disk Space ---

Bandwidth ---

Setup ---

IP Address---

If you subscribe for an extended period, we can personalise a VPS to your exact specification at a reduced price
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Frequently Asked Questions VPS

Most frequent questions and answers about Virtual Private Servers.

What is the difference between managed vs. unmanaged (Self Managed) VPS? And how do I determine which is best for me?
  • Unmanaged VPS (also known as a “Self-Managed VPS”) requires an advanced degree of technical know-how and basic understanding of Linux and the command line The server-command program is a command-line tool. Unmanaged VPS hosting plans allows you to configure and update VPS hosting to your exact preference.

    But, if you prefer to have a team of experts manage your hosting and the technical configuration of the server (freeing up more time for you to focus on your business), then Fully-Managed VPS Hosting and or Business Hosting might be the right choice to fulfill your hosting needs.

Which operating system can I run on my server?
  • BestKnownHost VPS Hosting offers both Linux (CentOS or Ubuntu) and Windows Server.

Do you provide Windows VPS hosting?
  • Yes! We offer Windows VPS hosting with resources staring at 2 GB RAM up to 32 GB RAM. Plus, you may add Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition (for WordPress and website administration) to create and manage your sites.

What are the real advantages of using VPS hosting?
  • VPS hosting gives you high performance with an isolated environment where the CPU, RAM and storage is 100% dedicated and not shared with any other websites or apps. Conversely, due to virtual isolation, a hacked VPS on the same hardware, won’t affect surrounding VPS environments. And with root access, there are no restrictions on the applications you install.

Where are the servers located?
  • BestKnownHost servers are located around the globe. Choose your server location during setup in North America, Europe or Asia-Pacific.

How many IPs are included with VPS hosting?
  • BestKnownHost VPS includes one free dedicated IP address. In the past, multiple IP addresses were needed for things like SSL and SEO. However, now with emerging technology, 1 dedicated IP works for Multiple SSL certificates and Search engine optimization (SEO).

    As long as each site has its own directory, a single IP address does not negatively impact SEO on the websites hosted on your server.